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Day: March 18, 2016


Last night I decided it was time to do some shopping, one of my favorite things in the world! I went to Kohls on my way home because I had a coupon and in store credit. I was looking for dresses to buy because I like to wear them to work. I tried on a lot of different dresses but only found two I liked. I decided to go to Old Navy to  since the mall is right next door to Kohls. When I walked into the mall, I entered into the food court. One of my students was sitting right there by the entrance eating pizza with her family. She was so excited to see me! After I said hello, I kept going because I was a woman on a mission to find dresses. I got to Old Navy and immediately got sooooo excited. All their dresses were on sale and there were more than 25 different dresses to pick from! I bought five dresses that I really liked for the same amount as the two I bought at Kohls. It was a great night of shopping!

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