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Day: March 14, 2016

Eating Breakfast and Theater

A Slice by Miss Amenta

As I was eating breakfast this morning I looked up at my wall. There are a bunch of framed posters up on the wall of shows I’ve seen. I go to New York every other year to visit my friend Heather. We both love theater and see at least one show every time I go to visit.

In New York City there are people who sell all sorts of things as you walk down the streets. One of the items that is sold is framed posters of the shows that are currently on Broadway. A few years ago I got the idea to try and find one for each of the shows I’d already seen. Now, every time I see a new show, I get a new poster and add it to my collection. Seeing a show on Broadway is something that makes me feel like life couldn’t get any better. Every morning I get to look up on my wall and remember what it felt like to be in those darkened theaters waiting for the show to start, feeling everything that came during the show, and even the elated feeling that comes right after you’ve seen something that makes you feel a whole range of emotions.

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