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Day: March 9, 2016

Dress Shopping

A Slice by Miss Amenta

My senior year of high school I went prom dress shopping with my best friend so she could find a dress. We went Marshall Fields at Woodfield Mall because they had a lot of dresses to try on. We found every type of dress imaginable. She wanted to try them all on. So I came into the dressing room to help her get the big dresses on and off. Everything was going really well until she tried on this black dress that had a high neckline. She put her arms up over her head and pulled the dress down not knowing that there was a zipper she was supposed to undo on the side first. The dress got stuck over her head with her arms sticking straight up. When I looked at her, all I could see were her arms up to her elbows, with the rest of her body covered by the big dress. In trying to get unstuck, she started flapping her arms around as best she could. That just made the dress stick more. Then she panicked and started yelling “Get it off! Get it off!” while flapping her stuck arms and jumping around the dressing room. Eventually, when I was able to stop laughing (and it took a long time), I helped her get the dress off by pulling it back over her head. To this day, I still laugh out loud when I picture it in my head.


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