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SOL #5 My Chihuahua is a ….








Meet Milo.  He is part Chihuahua.  We aren’t sure what the other part is….there are many possibilities….cat…goat…Stitch…or maybe ninja warrior….

I was sitting on the cold hard tile floor, listening to my son.  As I was looking at Troy, I heard Milo’s usual indignant growl but thought nothing of it.  He generally asks for attention in this very inappropriate way and I am used to ignoring it.

This time he decided he wasn’t going to take getting ignored.   Without me realizing it, his claws clicked across the tile as he ran. He jumped, his two back paws hitting me in the chest, knocking me off balance.  He landed facing away, and I saw his cream tail and backside running away.  Troy’s laughter echoed through the room.

My Chihuahua is a ninja!

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