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Saturday? A Slice of Life


A Slice of Life

by Ms. Bless

I sat behind the my table, listening to pages turning and kids who thought I couldn’t hear them whispering.  The next group of readers approached, carrying their notebooks, a pencil, and the article they were supposed to read the night before.

“Did you read it?”  I asked the first as he sat.

“Yes.”  he nodded.  I could tell he was being truthful.

“Did you read it?”  I questioned the next boy who arrived.

Pause.  Nod.  “Yeah.”  He finally mumbled, unsure of answer. Obviously, he was not a skilled liar and he did not read it.

“Really?”  I asked.


“When did you read it?”

Pause.  “Saturday?”  And almost as soon as he said it, he realized what he said…today was Thursday and he got it yesterday.  He did NOT read it and he gave himself away.

March 6, 2015 Classroom SOL

slice-of-life_classroom-image-blackNot sure what to write about?  Think about a time that you had a fantastic meal…Now write about the experience.  Where where you?  What did you eat?  Who were you with?  What did it taste like?


March 5, 2015 Classroom SOL

slice-of-life_classroom-image-blackHooray!  It is day five of the March Slice of Life Challenge and we are already seeing so much improvement in your writing.  We LOVE reading your posts and comments to each other!  Do you want to read other student blogs from other schools?  Click here to find the links to other student bloggers and comment away!

February 27, 2015 3SB SOL


March is almost here…two more days!  Today we are practicing for the March Classroom SOL challenge by writing a slice of life and linking it to this blog post.  3SB bloggers, please follow the directions below once you have written and posted your Slice.


1.  Highlight and copy (Command C) the permalink.Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 7.01.25 AM

2.  Come back to that day’s post on the class blog:

3.  Go to the comments and paste (Command V) your permalink to make a new comment.  You can even add the title of the post before your link.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 7.08.04 AM

4.  Click “Post Comment”


You will need to do this each day that you write a Slice of Life in March.  We will make sure that there is a new class post for each day (with the date) for you to post the link to your SOL.  Let’s get blogging!

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