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Day: March 8, 2016

The Tower

A Slice by Miss Amenta

This weekend I was over at my sister’s house waiting for my car to get fixed. My niece is two and all she wants to do right now is watch movies. So when I was there on Saturday I created a new game with her to try and keep her away from the TV. I built a tower as tall as I could and then in a really “tough” voice, I would point at her and tell her, “Don’t you dare knock over my tower!” In response to my “tough” voice, my niece would stop laughing, stick her chin down into her chest and pout her lips trying to look serious. She would shake my hand like we had a deal and say “okay” imitating my tough voice. After that, she would walk over to my tower and pretend to look at the pictures on the blocks or count them with a big smile on her face. Then, with glee, she would knock over my tower. It’s amazing to me how her little mind works and that she’s was able to think of ways to try and trick me!

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