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Day: March 10, 2016

The Walk

A Slice by Miss Amenta

I was at my sister’s last night for our weekly Tuesday night dinner. After dinner we decided to go on a walk to the store because the weather was so nice. We loaded the kids in the stroller and my brother-in-law put their big dog, Cooper, on a leash. The walk was nice and the kids were happy in the stroller so we made it to the store pretty quickly. As we were walking across the parking lot, there was a woman putting her groceries in her car. Her eyes lit up when she saw us walking and she got a big smile on her face. She turned to her friend and said “Look! How beautiful.” It didn’t surprise me that much, because when I am out with my sister’s family people talk about how cute my niece and nephew are all the time. Most people can’t resist a cute baby, much less two. As we got closer she stepped away from her car so she could talk to my sister. She opened her mouth and said “You have such a beautiful dog!” Turns out she had been talking about the dog the whole time!

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