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Day: March 22, 2016

My New Super Power!

A Slice by Miss Amenta

Last night I was at the grocery store getting some of the things I needed for the week. I got all my groceries and got in line to check out. Ahead of me in line was a mom with a full cart of groceries to load on the conveyor belt and baby who looked about four months old. As I stood behind the mom waiting my turn, the baby looked me right in the eyes and spit his pacifier out. He started crying silently while moving his mouth around looking for the pacifier. I felt so bad for him,  that I politely asked the mom if I could put the baby’s pacifier back in his mouth. She gave me a funny look as she kept loading up her groceries but said yes, I could help the baby. I popped the the pacifier back in his mouth and could tell he was tired. He spit it back out and started to fuss again. I put it back in a second time and told him in a soothing voice that he was ok. He spit it back out again a third time.  As I put it back in, I smiled at him and told him “You’re tired, buddy. You just need to go to sleep.” He started sucking on the pacifier and closed his eyes right away. Within a minute he was asleep. It was like magic! I told him to go to sleep and he did. Maybe this is my super power!

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