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Day: March 3, 2016

Bed Time, Story Time

A Slice by Miss Amenta

The other night I was at my sister’s house for dinner. I go every Tuesday and after dinner I play with my niece and nephew until bedtime. My niece is two years old. She is the type of kid who not only knows what she wants, but also isn’t afraid to tell you. At bedtime she gets to read three books before it’s lights out. The first book she asked for was Are You My Mother? by PD Eastman. I got the book out and was about to start reading when her dad walked into the room. She shouted “NOOOO! Daddy read it!!!!!” and started to cry loud crocodile tears. Her dad said “Honey, let’s have Auntie Tina read it instead.” I persevered and read the first two pages of the book over her wailing. In the middle of the third page, she crawled out of bed, grabbed ahold of the book, and dragged me and the book to her dad who was next to me. She stopped crying immediately, got a big smile on her face, and proudly said “Here you go Dada!” Needless to say, I handed the book over to her dad and he finished it.

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