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Day: March 17, 2016


A Slice by Miss Amenta

For PBIS this month, our school is doing an incentive where each grade level team can earn basketballs for every time they’re caught walking quietly in the hallway. Teachers can’t give basketballs to their own class so it has to be other teachers who see the kids walking quietly. Third grade is doing a great job and we’re neck in neck with first grade who’s currently winning. As we were getting ready to walk down to our specials, my co-teacher Miss Bless told the kids that maybe if they smiled at other teachers while they stood quietly in the hall, they’d be more likely to earn a basketball. Then she gave the kids a minute to practice their smiles before we left the classroom. As we were walking down the hall, I was leading the class. I turned around to look back and make sure everyone had caught up before we went around a corner. One of the students in my class put her hands up under her chin, gave me a big grin, and fluttered her eyelashes. I started laughing out loud, ruining how quiet the class was being. I couldn’t help it. She just looked so cute. Apparently she had taken┬áthe advice to heart and was going to smile at any teacher who was watching her in the hall, not just the ones who could help us earn a basketball.

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