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Day: March 23, 2016

Tuesdays in the Park

A Slice by Miss Amenta

I went to my sister’s house for our weekly Tuesday night dinner. After dinner my sister, my brother in law and I decided to take the dog and the kids for a walk around the neighborhood. We ended the walk at the park. My niece Josephine LOVES the park. She loves to climb and hang off the bars and be a monkey. She loves to ride the fake horse and yell “yeehaw!” She loves to push her mom down the slide when she pretends she’s stuck and needs help getting down. But her favorite thing to do at the park is to pretend that someone is chasing her and she has to get away. Last night we played that game together. I would climb up behind her on the landing and stomp my feet saying “Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell the blood of an english man!” She would giggle and run away to the tunnel or the slide. I would take off after her and catch her. Then I would pick her up and tickle her saying “I got a Jospehine!” She would laugh and then say “And I got an Auntie Tina!” It was her way of telling me that not only was she was happy that I had caught her, but we are a team, meant to be together. She’s got an Auntie Tina for life. 🙂

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