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Month: March 2020

My Little Reader

She grabs a book and carries it over to the couch. After climbing up into the corner, her back resting against the pillows, she lays the book across her lap. Settled, she begins turning the pages.

She may not be reading yet. (She is only 16 months after all.) But, she is definitely a little reader. My book loving heart couldn’t be more full. ❤️

I Challenge You!

Dear Writers,

I know everything is very different right now then when I first mentioned the blogging challenge in February.  However, I still think that you can do this!  I challenge you to post a blog about a small moment each day in April.  It doesn’t have to be about that day.  You can write about something that happens that day or a small moment that has happened in the past.

Other classes around the world will be posting in April, too!  Here are links to their posts so that you can comment:

Third graders from New York

Third graders in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Fifth graders in Colorado

Fifth graders in Manama, Bahrain

Fifth graders in Michigan

Remember to leave positive comments for the other writers.  The link to your blog should be in a Google Doc in your “Shared with Me” folder at

Good Luck,

Mrs. Bless

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