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Cousin Time

“I’ll push you!” Brady says, jumping off his own swing to go behind Troy.

“OK?” Troy responds, doubtful of how this is going to work.

He “pushes” and Troy starts to move, in large part because Troy is making it happen with his feet. The swing and the much larger child start gaining some momentum. Unfortunately, Brady’s timing is a little off…and…Whack! Brady goes flying backward into the wood chips.

We all laughed and Brady picked himself up out of the chips. No big deal for this kid. But it did change his focus a bit…

“I’ll throw this at you,” Brady says with a mischievous smile, gathering dirt and wood chips in this hands…

Published inSlices of Life by Ms. Bless


  1. penguinzilla

    We’re you at proska

    • 3B Bloggers


  2. Alexis

    That sounds really fun! Did Brady get scratched up? It sounds like it hurt a lot!!!

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