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My Little Reader

She grabs a book and carries it over to the couch. After climbing up into the corner, her back resting against the pillows, she lays the book across her lap. Settled, she begins turning the pages.

She may not be reading yet. (She is only 16 months after all.) But, she is definitely a little reader. My book loving heart couldn’t be more full. ❤️


I walked into the office and reached to open my mailbox.  Except…it wasn’t my mailbox anymore.  My mailbox got moved even higher!  And for a short person like me, this is not the best way to start a day.   I can no longer see inside my mailbox and have to just reach in blind to find out if there is anything there.  Hopefully no creepy crawly hides in the drawer!  #shortpeopleproblems


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