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A Teacher’s Greatest Fear

Driving to school,

Coffee kicking in,


It’s going to be a good day!

And then I look up…


I see it…

A teacher’s greatest fear…

The sign that all will not be well…

Anything can and WILL happen!


Coffee kicking in,

Along with the fear

Of the full moon…

Published inSlices of Life by Ms. Bless


  1. godinezfamilylove

    What is a teachers greatest fear

  2. Mystical Gamer

    Tell us more tell us more tell us more

  3. mathgeek11

    It’s hilarious 😄😄😄

  4. justbecausebobbleheads

    How do u do those pictures

    • thisdoesexists

      Yeah, how?

      • thisdoesexists

        I WANT TO DO ITTTT. Do you need to pay… I-I don’t want to pay… ; – ;

    • 5B Bloggers

      It is a free app called Bitmoji!

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