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Day: February 21, 2017

Key vs. Paper Bracelet

Rock vs. Paper.  Paper vs. Scissors.  Scissors vs. Rock.  We know the answers to these battles.  But, do you know Key vs. Paper Bracelet?   I do!  And it’s not what you would expect…

We had just finished our hour of jumping at Mega-trampoline and we were heading out.  That horrible, itchy, too tight bracelet was driving me nuts.  I needed it off!  But those things don’t come off easily, so I used what I had – my car key.

It worked, my wrist was free from the itchy bond.

“Wait – what’s this?”  Troy said as he bent down to pick up something off the ground.

He handed me a shiny piece of of metal…it was the end of my car key.

The paper bracelet won!


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