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Saturday? A Slice of Life


A Slice of Life

by Ms. Bless

I sat behind the my table, listening to pages turning and kids who thought I couldn’t hear them whispering.  The next group of readers approached, carrying their notebooks, a pencil, and the article they were supposed to read the night before.

“Did you read it?”  I asked the first as he sat.

“Yes.”  he nodded.  I could tell he was being truthful.

“Did you read it?”  I questioned the next boy who arrived.

Pause.  Nod.  “Yeah.”  He finally mumbled, unsure of answer. Obviously, he was not a skilled liar and he did not read it.

“Really?”  I asked.


“When did you read it?”

Pause.  “Saturday?”  And almost as soon as he said it, he realized what he said…today was Thursday and he got it yesterday.  He did NOT read it and he gave himself away.

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  1. 13223

    I know who the next boy arrived ………..

  2. 9285

    I liked how you put the not at the end. It makes me think that you yell at him. Or somthing like that

  3. 8941

    This is for my opinion the #1 best blog post ever.
    But you for got one paragraph in between the whispering and the.

  4. erms04leah

    Your post is so inspirational and is worded very nice!!!!!
    Hope I can read more of your slice of life’s!!!!!

  5. erms04boss

    LEL That is realy funny. 🙂

  6. 9288

    LoL 😎

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