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Month: February 2015

February 27, 2015 3SB SOL


March is almost here…two more days!  Today we are practicing for the March Classroom SOL challenge by writing a slice of life and linking it to this blog post.  3SB bloggers, please follow the directions below once you have written and posted your Slice.


1.  Highlight and copy (Command C) the permalink.Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 7.01.25 AM

2.  Come back to that day’s post on the class blog:

3.  Go to the comments and paste (Command V) your permalink to make a new comment.  You can even add the title of the post before your link.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 7.08.04 AM

4.  Click “Post Comment”


You will need to do this each day that you write a Slice of Life in March.  We will make sure that there is a new class post for each day (with the date) for you to post the link to your SOL.  Let’s get blogging!

Bad Pets!


We are reading a book called Bad Pets Most Wanted! It’s about wacky animals doing wacky things like breaking into houses and stealing boxers!  Bears bust into cars!  Rabbits and squirrels attacking cars!  I know that you are thinking this must be made up, but this is all TRUE!

This book is kind of funny because even though most animals don’t act like this, apparently some do.   

                               – Diego D.

I think it is a weird book because there is a story about bear.  The bear stood up and opened a car door.  That seems impossible, but it isn’t.  We saw it on a YouTube video!

                               – Sebs and Zen

We would probably recommend this book to second and fourth grade because it’s really funny and they will like it.  There are like a million puns!  Every story has like twenty puns!

Wondering what a pun is?    “The intruders were in no “moo-ed” to leave.”  This a pun because it is a play on words.  It is like you are saying “mood” but since it is about a cow, the writer said, “moo-ed.”  Get it?





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